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Important New Features of Oracle Database 12c

ora12cIn Oracle Open World 2012 took place in San Francisco, Larry Ellison announced that oracle database  also be cloud enabled in coming edition. Let discuss some of the important new feature of Oracle Database 12c.

  • Pluggable database means you have ability to create container database which consists all of the oracle level data and data dictionary. On the other end user can create pluggable database which contains user related data and data dictionary. The actual trump card is that you can unplug pluggable database from one container database and plugged into another just by updating data dictionary in the target container database.

Data warehousing

  • Can create duplicate index on the same set of columns which would be beneficial specially in the data warehouse environment.
  • More control over PL/SQL code access as role can be granted to code section.
  • Streamline data access by implicit result sets.
  • Can create Ref partition to relate several tables with same partition.
  • Huge enhancement on SQL WITH Clause to improve performance of PL/SQL code.
  • INDENTITY columns for auto numbering to catchup with MYSQL.
  • Support for 32k VARCHAR2, means values stored like a CLOB.

Hope there are many more features to come, now just wait for the official announcement from Oracle.